In order to strengthen the implementation of SVLK based on the latest regulations, PT BRIK-QS always provides support for the development of PT BRIK-QS human resources and auditees to respond to future challenges and changes.

This time PT BRIK-QS in collaboration with the KLHK HR Training Center held a Training for Industrial Wood VLHH Auditor Candidates which was held from February 20 to February 20. March 2, 2023, which was attended by internal BRIK-QS and auditee.

This activity is a form of our commitment and responsibility to employees and auditees to improve HR skills and competencies which can later assist in the implementation of SVLK.

This training is conducted with a blended learning system (online &; offline). The audit practice will be carried out at PT Kayu Permata on February 28, 2023.

After the closing ceremony at the KLHK HR Training Center in Bogor, followed by lunch together at Leuit Ageung and recreation at the Bogor Botanical Garden.

It is an honor for us to be able to organize this activity. For us, this activity is not just about SVLK but "Beyond SVLK".

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