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Certification of Product Stock on IUI

IUI holders who will export but do not yet have S-LK and all raw materials come from cultivated wood, can be certified on product stocks.


  • Small category IUI and medium category IUI.
  • Only valid once for the entire stock, furthermore it must have an S-LK.
  • Object of examination :
    – Legality of the company
    – Raw material documents from suppliers
    – Conformity of the type of product with the scope of its industrial license.
  • The auditor cross-checks the documents (S-PHPL/S-LK/DKP and LMK/inventory report) belonging to the permit holder with the physical to ensure that the products to be exported are entirely derived from cultivated wood.
  • Products can be exported if there is a logical relationship between input-output and amendment in accordance with laws and regulations by equipped with data on the amount / volume of production and amendments.