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PT BRIK Quality Services

Is an SVLK certification service company that was established in 2010 according to the Deed of Establishment No.07 dated May 25, 2010, Notary Sulistyaningsih, SH. M.Kn.and has received approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. AHU-32587. AH.01.01. The year is 2010.

PT BRIK-QS obtained Accreditation Certificate No. LVLK-001-IDN from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) and designated as a Timber Legality Verification Agency (LVLK) by the Minister of Environment and Forestry.

PT BRIK-QS has auditors who meet the qualification requirements and pass the competency test. The issuance of V-Legal Documents / FLEGT Licenses is also supported by IT systems and qualified auditor professionals so as to be able to assess the legality of exported wood.

In order to realize the company’s vision and mission, PT BRIK-QS always provides SVLK services based on the principles of good governance, guaranteeing impartiality and transparency in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are the Best KLHK Partner as SVLK Certification & Licencing Authority.

Best Regards,SoewarniPresident Director of PT BRIK-QS

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Organizational Structures
Corporate Culture
  • Mengutamakan mutu layanan kepada klien yang memenuhi peraturan perundang-undangan
  • Tanggap dan peduli terhadap perkembangan lingkungan usaha khususnya kebutuhan klien atas legalitas kayu
  • Membangun komunikasi yang baik dengan para pihak dalam rangka meningkatkan transparansi dan akuntabilitas
  • Providing VLK services in order to provide benefits for clients and related parties.
  • Providing VLK services that are effective, efficient and meet good governance.
  • Increase acceptance and international market access in the context of developing the national timber industry

Become an Independent Assessment and Verification Agency (LPVI)
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